Same Story, Different Year

January 4, 2010

Here we  are, a new year ahead of us and no matter how many things change, some things remain the same.  Bills, school, music, gaming, watching HGTV or Roseanne and then going to bed and doing it all again. I think I’m in a rut.  Usually I would have  made and broken my resolution by now, but I didn’t make one this year so I figure I’m that much more ahead of the game.

The spring semester starts the day after tomorrow.  Normally I’d be depressed about this, but since this is my last semester before graduation I’m kind of looking forward to it.

I haven’t felt well for a few weeks so hopefully that situation will just go away.  It sucks.

Mr. Dragon and I watched a movie directed by George Romero’s son earlier this evening.  I had such high hopes for this movie, and of course it sucked.  I told Mr. Dragon that I was talking to Tess and her boyfriend about the movie and how on the back of the box it quotes George Romero as saying, “This is as scary as it gets”, and how that made me nervous because if one of my kids had made a movie and it sucked, that’s what I would say, saracastically.  I guess ol’ George was being sarcastic.

We added an addition to our house, basically we turned the deck into another room…one that I can smoke in.  The addition turned out beautifully and it didn’t take forever for them to do it.  Now I don’t have to be subjected to the elements just to have a cigarette.  I just need to be careful not to smoke too much since it’s all comfy and dry.

I usually do an end of the year post or something, but I don’t really feel like it this year.  I will say that THANK GOD it’s a new year.  Last year was hard and things that I normally enjoy immensely had little effect on me.  At the beginning of last year we lost both of John’s parents, my oldest daughter got pregnant and we stressed about our youngest daughter graduating, as well as trying to finish up the semester for me.  The summer off of school seemed to fly by and then of course there was the stress associated with registering and starting the Fall semester, for both my youngest daughter and myself.  When the Halloween season came, although I was a bit excited when it first started, it wore off fast and the party was a disappointment, and I continued to be blah about it until Halloween night itself.  And then there was our non-existent Thanksgiving, Christmas (although I did enjoy my time inIndiana) and Anniversary…blah…blah…blah.  And I’m not talking about presents, the room addition was my Anniversary/Christmas/Graduation present.  I’m just talking about how those days seemed like any other day.  Lack of family or noting anything special about them.  But hey,  this is a new year and hopefully it will be better than the last.



  1. The past couple of years have blown chunks so big they’re still rebounding.

    I hope your 2010 proves to be exhilarating and joyful.

  2. Thank you, I hope your new year is a good one as well. 🙂

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