Mark One For The Geezers

December 10, 2009

I don’t know what made me think of this, but I’ll never forget the day when my sister, my daughters and I were talking about sex (my daughters are adults). My daughters were acting like big shots and acting like they knew it all, so my sister and I made up a term for an imaginary sex act, “The flying gobble”. It nearly drove them crazy not knowing what it was, and of course we wouldn’t tell them.  All we would do is make a turkey noise when they asked us.  Good times, good times.



  1. I think Tiger Woods paid extra for that.

  2. Ooh. It’s like the Venus Butterfly from LA Law. You might be too young to remember that, but the essentials are the same.
    Made up shit.

  3. Wyatt, he’s not athletically fit enough. This is hard stuff! heh

    Kim, I vaguely remember that, now that you mention it. I put up a poll on the Iron Maiden boards, asking if they had ever tried it, to drive people nuts and it did. Some people were doing internet searches on it. lol

  4. But the Butterfly is “real” in The Philippines. Everything else that transpired over there is a secret. What happens in WestPac, stays in WestPac.

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