October…School and stuff

October 2, 2009

With it being October and all, Halloween season has officially kicked off in the stores.  This is very exciting, but since I mostly have everything decorated anyway it’s not as exciting as it has been in the past.  About the only thing left to do is put up some finishing details and keep adding to our monstrous candy collection for the trick or treaters.  Last year we had over 260 trick or treaters so this year I’m doing up about 280-300 treat bags.  I usually put about 6 or 7 pieces in each bag, plus a plastic spider ring.

School has been sort of kicking my butt lately, well in Algebra anyway.  I just might have to get a tutor to get through it.  I just wish it was the end of the semester already.

Tadpole (my nickname for my grandson) is growing like a weed. Hopefully he can still fit into his little costumes by the time Halloween gets here.   He’s also the cutest baby ever.  The other night he had an upset tummy so I fell asleep with him on my tummy on the couch.  Before drifting off he was making the most adorable baby noises.  He’s been holding his head up and looking around a lot lately.  He seems to be fascinated by our t.v. room curtains and the images on the television.  Cute, cute, cute…did I mention he was cute?


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