September 25, 2009

If I was a little,  red headed, orphan girl I’d be singing the song from Annie, but instead I will just sit here and anxiously await the morning so that I can begin decorating outside for Halloween.  I think the first thing I put up will be the dead flamingos.

I also took some large branches that had fallen down, stripped them and painted them black.  Some of them are tree sized so I might try to make a tunnel out of them (using spiderwebs), or if they’re not all consistantly tall enough I might just line the graveyard with them.

I think the large cemetery gate has definitely bit the dust, the wood at the base has split in such a way that it would be unstable if we tried to fix it, which sucks because we put a lot of time into that thing.

One thing I was REALLY disappointed in was the cloaked lady that I purchase last year from Grandin Road.  Although she looked fantastic last year, I paid over a $100.00 dollars for her and even though she was sold as an outside decoration we kept her inside all season, and only took her out for a few hours Halloween night.  When I went to put her all of the way together she literally fell apart in my hands.  Everything I touched just went kaput!  So I had to attempt to patch her back together, a scene that I’m sure was reminiscent of the Dad in a Christmas Story when he tried to put  his lamp back together…only there was more swearing.  I finally got her in a somewhat reasonable shape, and this year she’s staying outside for the season, at least I’ll get a full season’s use out of her before she bites the dust completely.  Anyway, I”ll try to take some pictures when I get done, and some more of the inside decorations.


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