It’s a Monday

August 31, 2009

It’s rainy, it’s early, it’s a MONDAY and I need more coffee.

Rusty has taken over my workshop.  Now that the greenhouse is all fixed up he apparently wouldn’t come in last night to sleep in my daughter’s room.  So this morning I go outsided to have a cigarette and I hear him stirring around and he walks out, takes a pee on my banana tree, HOPS ON THE COURTYARD WALL and onto the stone bench, through the courtyard and ran up to the gazebo.  Clearly, it was time for a lecture…

Me:  Okay Mr. King of the Greenhouse, what was that all about?

Rusty:  ::blink::blink::

Me:  So you think you can just get away with doing what you want now?

Rusty::  ::sniff::lick::

Me:  Okay then, glad we had this talk.

Rusty singing


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