It’s early

August 28, 2009

Man, I’ve been up since 4:45 and time is drrrraaaggginnng along.  I only have one class today (algebra), and I’m anxious to find out what I made on my first exam.  I was terrified of taking a math class because I hadn’t had one since Jr. High School, but as it turns out I remembered more than I thought I did.  As I said in the post below, this is my next to last semester and I want to do as well as I can.  My classes this semester are…



English Comp I (yeah, I waited forever to take it)

Social Science Inquiry (Criminal Justice)

So far I like all of my classes, of course I do have my favorite subject ::cough Forensics cough::, but all in all I think I’ll do okay.  Next semester my classes will be…

English Comp II


Finite Math

And then I’ll be done!  Well, not done completely…as soon as I walk off the stage with my degree I’ll be going back in to graduate school.

UPDATE:  I got an A on my Algebra exam…woohoo!



  1. You are one busy chick! Congrats on the A in Algebra. BTW, who did put the bra on Algegra?

  2. Thank you Cappy!
    As for who put the bra on Algebra…Al did! lol

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