My Wild And Crazy Life

July 13, 2009

While waiting for the director of my upcoming zombie movie to get over a case of strep throat, things have been kind of slow around here.  Things were so bad that I was actually giddy with anticipation on getting our roof done.

And then Mr. Dragon popped the question, “I have to accompany someone at an accordian meeting on Saturday, do you want to come?”

My response was immediate, “Gee honey, I can’t make up my mind…would I rather go with you to an accordian meeting, go bowling or commit suicide.”  But when I found out that the meeting was being held in a town that has this place that makes great peach milkshakes, I was so there.

The meeting had, thankfully, already started by the time we got my peach milkshake and made it to the church.  Now some people might be curious as to why an accordian meeting was being held in a church.  I can think of one good reason.  It makes it easier to pray for patience for those people in attendance who don’t play the accordian.  Anyway, Mr. Dragon got out his vibes and waited to play.  We sat through the rest of the meeting, and then a meal, and then through some accordian playing, and then FINALLY Mr. Dragon got to play.  And let me tell you.  When you show up with vibes to an accordian meeting, you’re pretty much the rock and roll god of the day.  And then as Mr. Dragon tore down the vibes and loaded them up in the car, I had to sit through…ta da…more accordian music!  Being a smart ass I was going to request Freebird, but I didn’t think that anyone would get it.  And as I scanned through the room full of accordians my eyes rested on another instrument.  A bass guitar.  The kind like Geddy Lee plays.  Wow, I thought, this must be from the youth group for this church or something.  WRONG.  When all the accordian people got up to play together, this 80 ish year old lady got up and began playing with them!  Which brings me to the second reason why an accordian meeting is held in a church.  It makes it easier for you to pray not to laugh.  My eyes watered, and I got this stupid smile on my face.  I looked around to try and find something else to focus on.  At the table across from me, one man was asleep, as well as the lady next to him.  And as I was about ready to explode with laughter, I see Mr. Dragon standing in the hallway waiting for me.  When we got out to the car, he magically knew that I’d need another peach milkshake…and a shot of Jack Daniels.


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