This cracked me up…

June 17, 2009

I was on the Iron Maiden (FC) message board today and all I have to say is it must be a boring day.  Someone started a poll asking what you’re favorite position was for sex.  One post in particular cracked me up.  Someone answered that they liked the rodeo style, which was similar to doggie style only you whisper into your wife’s ear that “this is the way your sister likes it” and then try to hold on for eight seconds.

What did I put?  I said that I usually let the “Twister” spinner decide.   heh



  1. Dragons have sex? Who knew?

  2. Oh occasionally when we’re in the mood we’ll bust out with some romantic skills. lol

  3. Well, you’ll have to post a description of it someday so I have an idea of what “romantic skills” are.

    We Festers reproduce like bacteria, interesting to go through but not high on the heavy breathing scale I’d guess.

  4. Nah, if I tried to describe it, it would sound too much like one of those nature shows that are narrorated.

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