Oh No, Not Another Thing To Be Addicted To!

June 16, 2009

Mr. Dragon, Tess and I are addicted to Chef Gordon Ramsey and his shows “The F Word”, and “Nightmare Kitchens”.    If you’re not lucky enough to have BBC America on your cable system you might be able to catch some shots on Youtube.   The F Word is about him taking normal cooks and having them cook at his restaurant, by the same name.  If the people don’t like the food, they don’t pay.  And true to its title, the F word is thrown around quite a bit.  Nightmare Kitchens is where Chef Ramsey goes to help failing restaurants, and usually meets with some sort of resistance by the people that work at them, who have not embraced the philosophy that change is good.  Mr. Dragon and I think he’s funny and of course a damn good chef.  Tess also thinks these things but has a major crush on him as well, despite the fact that he’s in his 40s.

Last night while eating at a local Mexican restaurant, us three were discussing what kind of job Tess should look for, now that she’s a high school graduate/freshman in college.  She basically majored in Culinary Arts in high school, and was interested in being a Sous Chef for a local caterer.  I think it’s a fantastic idea.  She is a stickler when it comes to detail and I think her abilities in art would serve her well.  She even expressed interest in opening her own place when she graduated.  So to tie this back in to the post topic,  I asked her if she would like cooking under Chef Ramsey.  She got a thoughtful look on her face and said “Yes, even if he yelled at me.  I’d probably snivel to myself, but I’d get over it and get the job done.”

Good girl.


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