The Sunglasses

June 9, 2009

This is something I wrote when the Dragon’s Den was up and running, it still cracks me up that my plan worked.

Yesterday, while out taking advantage of the last day of the tax holiday, I just happened to walk by a sunglasses display at Rite-Aid…and then I turned around and slowly strolled back by it again.  It’s hard for me to pass up the chance to try on sunglasses at a display.  I’m always looking for the Holy Grail of sunglasses and find them about every other month.  And it just so happens that the very first pair that I picked up (was that harp music I heard?) looked perfect.  No.  They weren’t just perfect.  They were BEYOND COOL.  I turned the price tag over and immediately swore.  Twenty dollars, Mr. Dragon would never go for it.  Now normally Mr. Dragon is extremely generous and buys me something if I even halfway hint about liking it.  But not sunglasses.   You see I lose sunglasses like some people lose disposable lighters.  Which is also why I’m always hunting for the perfect pair every other month.  He would never go for the twenty-dollar price tag.

I tried on the sunglasses again and turned my head from side to side.  I was almost tempted to take out an unlit cigarette and strike a Thelma and Louise pose.  But forget that…I had to come up with a plan.  And then it came to me.  I put the glasses in the cart and began hunting for Mr. Dragon.  My plan was simple.  I was going to show Mr. Dragon the sunglasses and when he asked the price and balked about it (and I knew he would) I would just whip those babies out of the cart, put them on, strike a pose, and go “ehhhh??”  Brilliant.  And just wait until he hears the harps and the choir!  Okay, it was a goofy plan, but here comes the funny part…it WORKED! lolol   Every time he started to say something negative I’d whip them out of the cart, put them on and go, “Yeah, but honey, look” and then I’d put them on and go, “eh?”  I probably did this a good three of four times before he smiled and said, “Okay, put them in the cart.”  However the funniest part was later when he just got this confused look on his face and said, “I can’t believe you got twenty dollar sunglasses”.  HEH


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