June 9, 2009

I have nothing to write about.  Insert sighs, jerking motions and a few “whatevers” where you wish.  I prefer obscenities.  They’re much more colorful, and can have a multitude of meanings.  And for those days when I’m linguistically challenged, hand gestures work quite well.

Basically, there’s not shit going on, other than preparing to shoot my zombie movie.  Which has become a monster of its own.  I was supposed to write a script, based on the book, while I was on vacation, but due to lack of privacy and you know…doing stuff, it was impossible.  Then there’s the whole  friggin’ “creating a corporation” thing so I can get insurance.  Just in case someone really gets shot in the head, drawn and quartered with a sword, gouged, impaled, bumps a toe or (God forbid) one of those professional cameras gets damaged.  And then we have to create a story board, which is of course separate from the script.  Apparently a story board is a stick figure/comic version of the script.  Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone and make on of those little comics you can thumb through and it makes a movie??  ::sigh::  Then there’s the meetings with city officials, and the police chief and just a bunch of stuff that I was blissfully ignorant of until our last meeting.  So…in closing I’d like to say SHIT,  Aghhhh, and Damn it!

Todays post was brought to you by the Tourettes Foundation



  1. I will gladly offer my Set Protection services for you and your crew.

    And I’ll work on a simple donut salary.

  2. 🙂 Lucky for you and me, they have an awesome,mom and pop donut shop here. You’re hired.

  3. […] You couldn’t tell by this photo, but that’s actually DragonLady! […]

  4. Aha! Found you!

  5. And now for my next trick… lol

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