Florida is good, but it’s good to be back home

June 8, 2009

Last week we vacationed in Florida.  Kissimmie to be exact.  While we were there we visited Universal Studios, which was awesome.  My favorite part was the place that looked like some ruins in the desert, where Poseiden’s (sp?) Fury was located.  It reminded me of the Tal Rasha’s Tomb part of Diablo II.  My favorite ride was The Mummy.  It replaced the Beast (King’s Island) as my favorite roller coaster.  It was so fast and psychotic you could have been plummeting to your death and you’d still think it was part of the ride.  However I can’t say that I liked the roller coaster called The Hulk.  It kicked my ass, in a very bad way.  I could have handled going upside down, and shooting like a rocket out of the station.  It was the part where my head was beaten repeatedly against the harness that goes over your head that nearly killed me.  When we got off of the ride we could barely walk straight.  We looked like a bunch of drunks at closing time.  Never again.  Anyway, I had an awesome time and now I need to get my happy ass off of the computer and finish the script I’m supposed to have done by tomorrow.


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