My Grades So Far

May 5, 2009

I’m waiting on one last grade, but so far here is the tally…

Biology A

Biology Lab A

Music Appreciation A

Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice A

If I get an “A” in Current Issues in Law Enforcement then I’ll have a 4.0 for what has been the toughest semester ever. With the death of both of my in-laws, finding out my oldest daughter is pregnant, my youngest daughter having an operation and also getting ready to graduate, it’s a miracle I stayed in school this semester, let alone finish it wtih a 4.0. Whew!

UPDATE: And the last grade is in…

Current Issues In Law Enforcement A




  1. This is totally fucking awesome. Congrats Drags. You deserve any and all kudos coming your way and screw the housework.


  2. Thank you Frothmistress! I’m celebrating a little bit at a time. Today I went and bought 3 CDs and played them and sang my heart out. It felt good.

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