Last Night’s Walking Dead

February 24, 2014

Okay, technically this is about the last two episodes, since I didn’t do one for last week’s episode.  So here goes…
What the hell happened?  The mid season opener was awesome and then it was followed by two of the most boring and irritating episodes ever.  Last week they opened with Daryl and Beth.  Normally any scene with Daryl in it is an instant hit, but not even Daryl could save those parts of the episode.  I’m sorry, she may be sweet and all that.  But Beth is the most boring, and irritating character I’ve seen in a long time.  If this were the Brady Bunch, she wouldn’t be Marcia Brady, but that one annoying sister that was so bad I can’t remember her name.  YEAH…that one.  And I can’t stand it.  If they don’t find the others pretty soon I’m going to have to swear off Daryl parts too until they do.  And don’t even get me started on Tyrese and the psycho child.  They need to make a fast exit from this series.  Tyrese because he’s a liability and a dumbass, and Lizzie because, well look what she did to the bunnies for God’s sake, not to mention what she tried to do to Judith.  Then there’s Glenn.  For about a minute I thought he was going back to the old Glenn.  Strong, man-like, decisive. But then he saved Tara and took her with him and that all went downhill.  THEN there’s the asshats they just met (Abraham and gang).  I swear, I’m sick of villains, sick I tell you!  Can’t they just fight freakin’ zombies and survive for a while??  The only parts I’ve enjoyed watching were between Rick, Carl, Michonne and Maggie.  That’s it.  PLEASE writers, can we just stabilize for a little bit before spinning off into something else?

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